Honorary member is a special kind of member status we provide to support and award those who have relatively strong background in magic. To become an honorary member, you would need to be a regular member for at least one year, based on which you would be elected as our honorary candidate according to your achievement in magic. 


The I.A.C.M. doesn't sell honorary membership under any circumstance and applying for honorary members is totally free. According to the rules on our member handbook, a regular member becoming an honorary member takes a year to fulfill, during which the board would need to check out your portfolio and devotion to the community. 


As an honorary member, not only your name, title and photo will appear on the official website, but also you are qualified to be the candidates of the I.A.C.M. CHINESE MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR. Besides, whenever you travel to Los Angeles as our honorary member, we will also sincerely invite you to visit the world famous Magic Castle, the Sanctuary for all magicians around the world. 


Click the picture above to view our Honorary Member List.


Priority Application 优先申请与审核

If you wanna get your application reviewed ahead of the rest, you can purchase the Priority Application service, with which you will receive your confirmation letter within 5 working days. If your material needs further review, one of our board members will also be in touch with you and assist you to prepare your materials and go through the whole application process. The Priority Application service for existing regular members costs $250 USD / ¥1750 CNY.



Before applying, please ensure that you are already a normal member of the I.A.C.M. . Only in this way will your application be considered by the committee.