The International Association of Chinese Magicians



Become an I.A.C.M. member and play your important role in preserving as well as creating the astonishing magical arts! Below are the benefits of becoming an I.A.C.M. member.  (以下是成为国际华人魔术联盟会员获得的福利与权利)

*Your name will be published on our official website, so that the whole world can see and verify your status as a magician member of the International Association of Chinese Magicians;(会员名单将于国际双语官网公布,支持查询

*I.A.C.M. Official Membership Certificate issued in the United States;(在美注册I.A.C.M. 总部颁布的会员证书)

*Qualification to participate in the selection of the Honorary Members next year and even the I.A.C.M. AWARD(After two years on list), after which you will have your profile and photo on our official website.(新会员入会次年可参与荣誉会员选拔的;入选者的资料与照片将出现在荣誉会员专页)

*Access to our member-only website, The Secret Area--our original magic tutorials and prop collection gallery.(获得本网站会员专区访问权,其中有上百部魔术教程、工作坊与线上道具展览)

*Privilege to know and attend our member-only annual events from our Facebook private group and get more opportunities to learn and perform magic internationally;(拥有知晓与参与专属活动(讲座/工作坊/交流会/抽奖等)的特权,加入脸书与微信私密群组获得更多国际魔术交流机会)

*Your work and performance videos may be selected to appear in the "Video Section"of our official website(您的作品与演出视频有机会被遴选出现在精选专区

*You'll be able to be other magician fellows' sponsor for joining the I.A.C.M.(您将可以成为其他魔术师同行的邀请人,邀请他人入会

*Stay connected with contact details for hundreds of industry professionals......(与魔术业内大咖、资深人员保持紧密联系;组织可协助并推荐优秀华人魔术师加入IBM、AMA等更多国际魔术组织)


I.A.C.M. honors magical artists and their works by hosting a variety of annual events. I.A.C.M. celebrates the most outstanding magic show of the year and creates a team to integrate all standout magicians in a non-competitive atmosphere.

The I.A.C.M. AWARD is the highest honor for a Chinese magician who has outstanding show and career in magical arts and demonstrates the enormous power in the magic industry.

I.A.C.M.(国际华人魔术联盟)通过举办年度活动来表彰I.A.C.M.组织内部华人魔术师及其优秀作品。组织在册荣誉会员包括众多优秀魔术师,例如美国达人秀总冠军申林、世界魔术冠军张昱、电视魔术节目评委程广生、香港魔术家协会主席谭永铨、亚洲魔术联盟理事罗飞雄、浙江省杂技家协会理事蒋亚平、湖南卫视《金牌魔术团》郭汛杰、江苏卫视《超凡魔术师》郭皓炜、四川省杂技家协会副主席杨屹、伦敦年度最佳近景魔术师奖王思、央视魔术童星刘果楠、好莱坞年度少年魔术师Kevin LiPenn&Teller:Fool Us中国魔术师Rabby Yang、武汉魔术联盟主席许清、新加坡明星魔术师Jeremy Pei、社交媒体魔术网红Jeffrey Wang等。“年度华人魔术师奖”由I.A.C.M.组委会创立,旨在认可与鼓励全球优秀华人魔术师,致力于打造成华人魔术圈最高荣誉。

I.A.C.M. Member Pledge

I consider it a privilege to be a Magician Member of The International Association of Chinese Magicians and shall therefore abide by this pledge.

I shall always conduct myself in a manner that will enhance the image of The International Association of Chinese Magicians and magicians everywhere.

I shall read and understand The International Association of Chinese Magicians Rules and assist to maintain The I.A.C.M. spirit.

I shall respect my fellow magicians and help them whenever and however I can.

I will not duplicate any effects nor use another magicians' original patter or routines with no authorization.

I will not use any rip-off or pirated magic props in my show.

I shall never reveal magical secrets to non-magicians.

I pledge myself to the advancement of the art of magic.

I.A.C.M. 魔术师承诺










I.A.C.M. Members on TV 

I.A.C.M. 会员的电视表演